Day Five on the 40 Day Vegetable Juice Fast

Day 5 on the 40 Day Vegie Juice Fast
May 23, 2009.
Starting Weight: 219lbs
Ending Weight: 218Lbs
Blood Pressure: 119/78

The start of the 5th day was good but it looks like I've already reached the 1Lb per day mode. So if I include my 3 day prep fast I have fasted for 8 days this month and have lost a total of 19Lbs and I feel wonderful mentally and physically. Besides feeling light, I feel very energetic, very fresh and it also feels like I can breathe better. Thanks to the Neti that I have been doing regularly, as it enables me to clear my nasal track, irrigates the sinuses and reduces the chances of allergies.

While reading about the Yogic Fasting methods I came across an article from an ancient Yogi who suggested a 5 day on, and 5 day off Veg Fast diet and here is it's explanation:
If you expose yourself to a continuous 40 day fast, your detoxification process will go well, but the weight loss slows down as the body starts feeling that it must store some food for the following days. But if you break your 40 day fast into 8 separate fasts (5 days each) with a gap of 5 days, the process will take longer, as now we are talking about 80 days (40 fasting and 40 non-fasting) but the weight loss will be more, however the detoxification would be slow as well.

This is a slight variation from what I was initially doing, but still something worth trying. I am a little confused if I should break my fast and follow this new (actually very old) method or stick to the 40 day fast. There is no doubt that I won't be able to do this more than once this year so should I continue doing the 40 day fast, which several people have done recently, or try the new method that takes longer time, but the results are better. I will make a decision and update you all here. Stay tuned. If you have any suggestions, do comment.