Day Four on the 40 Day Vegetable Juice Fast

Day 4 on the 40 Day Vegie Juice Fast
May 22, 2009.
Starting Weight: 220lbs
Ending Weight: 219Lbs
Blood Pressure: 114/72

So far so good ... no food cravings, no headaches, no issues at all. The 4th day, being a Friday was hard to get through "Socially" as I mentioned before, friends and family events, all that yummy food, drinks, snacks ... I was really tempted in the evening but was able to hold on to it without much efforts. Rather I made myself some really interesting juices at night and sure it was a blessing.

I did something wrong though ... use this as a word of caution. Ginger, as you know feels so soothing and great on your throat, so I started adding a lot of it to my juices and since the past 2 days I noticed clotting and bleeding in my nostrils. I thought it was due to the pollen or something like that, but maybe not. Ginger has properties to provide warmth to the body (which is why we drink tea with Ginger in winters), so the high temperature, and ginger was raising my body temperature to a level that it caused the bleeding and clotting. So despite drinking so much water that I am drinking, i still got this. So avoid adding too much ginger to your juices.

After I stopped adding ginger to my juices the bleeding / clotting stopped altogether. Overall it was an okay day, that ended with a loss of 1 LB. Now I won't be able to see those 2-3 Lbs drop as the weight loss slows down. However, the cleansing / detoxification continues so I just need to keep up with the juices, drink a lot of water and letting my body continue the good work. I apologize for the late posting of these days ... let me blame it on the weekend :)