Day One on the 40 Day Vegetable Juice Fast

Day 1 on the 40 Day Vegie Juice Fast
May 19, 2009.
Starting Weight: 227Lbs
Ending Weight: 224Lbs
Blood Pressure: 118/74 (That's my average)

Day One ... it is definitely the most difficult day. And I personally feel that if you are not used to fasting or don't understand vegetable juice fast, or water fasting, then you won't be able to make it through. It is very important for you to understand why are you doing this fast, and what to expect, else the food cravings, etc become overwhelming.

I did a 3 day juice fast a few days back (a Prep Fast - to Prepare for this one) and since the first three days require a lot of effort, will power and determination. U an bit really sure of how long could I go on this fast for, but since I did 3 days before without much problem, I am hoping to do at least one week and then take each day as it comes.

So My starting weight this time was 227Lbs :( and the first day I noticed that my stomach wanted to flush out everything, with all the force it had. :) As weird as it sounds, that's how it is. Since you are drinking a lot of water and juices, you urinate 10-15 times a day and the bowel movement just has a mind of its own, it seems. There is no fixed time, nor the number of times you hit the restroom. You would just get a 3-4 minutes notice and you need to find something in that much time. This process also results in instant weight loss as the water weight starts exiting your system.

My breath smells horrible, I have a layer of something on my tongue and my lips are chapped. The reason for this is that my lungs are detoxifying themselves and in that attempt they are pushing everything out, hence the smell (which goes away in a few days). This is something major and it is important to be aware of it rather than getting surprised when you go on a fast like this. Your body is cleaning itself and it tends to take everything out, from wherever it possible could. The Faster usually passes a lot of toxins through urine, bowel, breath, sweat (pores on skin) and mucus glands. The first few days are a little more intense but later the effects start decreasing till they finally end.

The detoxification process is actually a healing process that your body starts when you fast. I will explain what a juice fast is, and how it works through another article for now I just want to focus on sharing what my experiences were on the first day, so let's continue.

My weight by the next morning decreased 3 Lbs making it 224. It is nice to lose 3 pounds but nothing to get excited about as this is primarily water weight and it can come back. So we need to keep moving on and see what comes our way. I did crave food a lot but it will only last for 3 days so I had to suck it up. Drinking juices and filling myself up with water helped deal with the cravings. Also in a 40 day juice fast you are allowed to make a few exceptions like drinking herbal tea with honey (a natural form of sugar), munching on vegetables (very very small amount, once a day or so) and adding some salt to your juice to keep you going. If you eat any supplements, you could continue that also.

So I used herbal tea to get through my first day. Though the cravings are not as bad as cravings for smoking, but you still need a determination to get through it. Due to the detoxification process my smelling power got better than before and sure enough I could now smell food from a mile away :) Which makes me feel like eating, but it doesn't bother me as much as it did during my prep fast.

I now call it a day and will update you tomorrow.