My Live Case Study

It's been a little over two months since I quit smoking cigarettes and I used a totally new method of quitting cigarettes. This method was never heard of before (at least nobody told me about it). So I did a live case study and spoke about how each day passed along. I spoke about my difficulties, my hurdles, how I overcame those problems and how my body reacted, how my mind worked and you think about it and it's all there. Well, why would you do something like that? I did not have an answer to this question till after about 15 days of my quitting when I got an email from someone who visited my site and wrote:

"Hey Rick, thanks for sharing your story and all the tips, believe it or not, I just did what you did and I am on my 3rd day and feel the same as you mentioned on your site. I liked the idea of sharing your story and would like to share mine, how can I have my story added to your site?

Looking forward to your response.

Once again, thanks for making it so easy for me (Actually I thank my wife who sent me a link to your site, too).



Sure enough, he is not smoking anymore and I have received confirmations from about 5 people who quit smoking successfully after reading my story and using the method that I did.

Now, since I smoked for more than 10 years, I have this huge urge to clean my body of all the toxins that have entered my body due to my smoking, and activities that smoking lead me to (outdoor activities, exposure to pollution, eating at unhealthy places, etc). So after reading about the hundreds of medicines that help you detoxify your body, and some unheard of methods that you won't even dare try, I thought of looking back into the past and see what did people do when these medicines were not available. Honestly, I was hoping to find a herb that I could eat that would help my body heal. And I was also open to getting a few different herbs as I wanted to detoxify my heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach and my brain. So I started searching for herbs to detoxify lungs, herbs to detoxify liver, herbs to detoxify heart, herbs that help detoxify stomach, herbs to help your brain heal. To my surprise, 9 or out 10 references were sites selling stuff that I did not want to try (like chemicals, medicines, patches, etc). I wanted a natural method to feel better and feel fresh.

So I came across an old Indian religious book that was talking about the Pandavas where they prayed to God for long life and great health to be able to win the battle of Kurukshetra (a city in India). They were instructed by the supreme being to fast for 1 of every 7 days in return for God's blessing. People have been doing this in India and several other countries for ages. I personally know more than 10 people who fast for 9 days in a row, twice a year. They do it for a religious reason but this opens a totally new thread of who God is, and if God says I'll give you a good health, if you can fast for me, then God is nothing but your own guide that is showing you the right way to good health naturally. So I would definitely worship such a God without a doubt. Also if you think about it, if God was a person, what good would your fasting do to him, unless it was your wife, who won't have to cook for one day and get a break :) (that was just for humor, take no offense please).

Anyhow so I realized that Water Fasting is the most natural and best way to detoxify your entire body (including Lungs, Liver Stomach, Heart, Kidneys, Brain and others like skin, blood, etc). So by reading more I discovered that as beneficial and powerful water fasting really is, it also has a limitation - Your body needs to be VERY STRONG to be able to do a 40 day water fast. Fasting can be done anywhere between 1 and 40 days. Some people do it for longer, but 40 days is all your body need to completely heal itself, this includes injuries you had years ago that may not have completely healed. So by trusting my sources I decided to postpone the idea of a 40 day water fast for next year but this year I will do with the second best natural method of complete detoxification: The Vegetable Juice Fast.

So in April 2009, I did what is called a "prep fast" in preparation to do a 40 day vegetable juice fast. The prep fast was 3 days long and all I did was drink 2-3 liters of fresh organic vegetable juice and 4-5 bottles of water every day. So technically you keep your system somewhat full with fluids but you need that juice to help you withstand the fast.

Everything is pretty inter-connected because I used to weigh 215 lbs back in December 2008, when I started working out vigorously at the gym and as I lost inches, I put on around 10 lbs (muscle weight). While on the elliptical, I couldn't run for long and realized that I didn't have enough stamina. That is when the thought of quitting cigarettes first came to my mind. Well, it took me 2 months to get the right method together (as I had tried and failed couple of times in the past), and on March 12 2009, I quit. Then I gained more weight so from 215 - 225 (due to muscle weight gain) and then 225 to 235 due to slow metabolism during my first month quit period, a better appetite, and a better taste and smell power made eating so much fun, on top of everything.

So the 3 day juice fast allowed me to come down from 235 to 225 and this was my current weight when I started my 40 day Vegetable Juice Fast on May 19, 2009.

So I will add a new day here every day till I am on this fast and keep you posted, as most people I know feel it is impossible to do a 40 day juice fast, while the others think it is insane. I have promised myself that I won't push myself over the line. If I feel I am getting too weak and need to eat, I will not even think twice, but I wont let this fast do any damage to my health. It is for a good reason, it is natural, wonderful for your body but still there are some nutrients missing from the diet and I don't know what to expect after the 3 days (as I have already experienced that before).

My reason for this live case study is to bring this fast to everyone's knowledge and share my results so that the ones who want to do it, can do it. So it could be to inspire you, motivate you, or just make you aware of what your body is capable of doing if you give it a chance. Just remember that this is not a weight loss technique that will make you look thinner ... this is a serious detoxification technique. If you do this for 1 day, it does good to you, if you could do it for 5 days, you benefit from it. So in other words, even if you fail, you always win because you helped your body heal. So take it seriously and see if you could do it. By the end of 40 days, I do expect to have lost more than 30-35 lbs, but that does not excite me more than the fact that my body would be like it was when I was born - "Totally Clean from within". Or you could say - Just like new :)

Now let's get to the main stuff. I will write about what this fast is about, what all do you need, what do you need to do, what can you eat, what you must avoid and everything that I am doing, so you could do it too. But I have a little time constraint, so I won't be able to add ALL the information up right away, so be a little patient and come back to check more information as I will be adding my daily updates to this section.

To our Health.