Vegetable Juice Fast for Detoxification and Weight Loss as a Bonus.

A vegetable Juice Fast is primarily a process of detoxification of our body, but the weight loss that accompanies this detoxification process is a pleasant treat for someone who wants to shed off some extra fat storage. Depending on how long do you stay on the fast the weight loss can be very significant. A 3 day vegetable juice fast resulted in a loss of 10 Lbs for me, and the results were pretty constant when my friends and some family members tried the fast. For someone planning to do a 40 day Vegetable Juice Fast, expecting to lose between 30-40Lbs, should be very reasonable.

Before I say anything else, I want to tell you that a Vegetable Juice Fast is by far the best thing you can do to your body. It is not a way of starving your body or anything. The basis of this diet is to consume a diet that does not require your body to put an effort to digest (Vegetable Juices are considered pre-digested foods), resulting in more energy than your body needs, which your body will use to cleanse itself. All organs start the detoxification process right away - Lungs, Liver, Heart, Kidneys ... everything. So the longer you stay on the diet, the more toxins will be removed from your body, and you will shed more weight.

Though, for some people juice fast may be a tedious work, but remember health is supreme to all other constraints. In fact, some people do not like the taste of vegetable drinks, but they should tolerate such situation for a hale and hearty body. Fresh juices are enriched with essential minerals and vitamins. They have inbuilt capacity to detoxify our body in presence of these natural vitamins and minerals.

The most important part of vegetable juice fast is that you have to consume "only" fresh juice, daily. And, fresh juice contains essential enzymes and phytochemicals, (storage or refrigeration of juice destroys its essential components). During your juice fast, intake of fresh juice invigorates your body’s internal organs and soothes the nervous system. This is prerequisite of healthy mind and body.

Modern lifestyles have changed our eating habits. People are becoming more dependent on market or outside food, instead of home cooked food. This takes a toll on our body. Our cells and tissues are contaminated with toxic materials. Yeasts and fungi are getting favorable condition to prosper and weaken our immunity system. Even due to pollution, everything that we breathe in, goes to our lungs, and digestive canal and stays there. All such circumstances have made our body weak and vulnerable to various diseases. Poor memory, arthritis, aches and pain are all signs of weakening body mechanism. Vegetable juice fast can help you overcome such disturbances. You can do a juice fast for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days or up to 40 days in a row, all depends on your will-power and health conditions.

WARNING: It is recommended that you seek advice from a Medical Supervisor before a Vegetable Juice Fast for more than 1 day to be sure that you don't have a medical condition that may be a problem.

There are multiple benefits of doing on vegetable juice fast. Veggies like Carrots, Kale, Wheat Grass, Spinach, Tomatoes, Celery, Parsley, Broccoli and Cucumber are some of the vegetables commonly used in our kitchens and make great vegetable juices. You can find more Vegetable Juice Recipes in our Juice Recipe Section. People who have been on a vegetable juice fast often experience that they are less vulnerable to common diseases like cold and cough and feel an increase in energy level. Such healthy experience is due to fresh and natural vegetable juices. Juices need no digestion, they are directly absorbed into the blood. Being alkaline rich, they are able to balance acid-alkaline level of tissues and blood.

The natural enzymes, vitamins, vital minerals and sugar normalize the whole body by speeding the self-healing mechanism of the body. It also revitalizes the cells. These vital nutrients provide a workout to the tissues thus speeding the recovery of the cells. Vegetable juice fast is best way to restore all essential elements. Fresh juice contains medicinal properties, for example, insulin is found in sting beans, other to this, raw juices comprises of antibiotics and phyto hormones – all are vital for a healthy body. Digestible elements like potassium, calcium and silicon available in the juice maintains the biochemical and mineral balances in cells and tissues.

While on a vegetable juice fast, one has to deal with some changes in our body which are okay to deal with but some can be hard for some people. I will discuss these in a different article.

Another Benefit: Juice fast does not only help you in weight loss and strengthens you immune system, but also prevents early ageing of your body cells.